Monday, January 25, 2010

I finally chose a bag!!!

After months and months of searching, I finally settled on a diaper bag! At first I was looking at the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags - adorable, but EXPENSIVE. The more I thought about it, I realized that they just aren't me. As pretty as they are, I can't imagine carrying around something so, well, pretty all the time. I looked at a couple of bags with Mike, and he commented that he wanted it to be something that he could carry as well. So, that ruled out a lot of the bags I had been looking at.

I also liked the StorkSak bags, but then I realized that they are still WAY too pricey for our one-income budget right now. So, back to the drawing board! Yesterday I checked out a bunch of bags at Babies R Us, and found that I didn't love any of the bags I had thought I would. I found some new contenders though, and ended up finding the bag I want. BRU only carries the black version, but I found all sorts of fun colors on Amazon!

The bag I want is the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe, in red. The red will make it just fancy enough that it won't look fuddy duddy and boring like the black ones, but it's not so fancy that it will be too girly for Mike. It will not only match our stroller, but it will also match the Pack N Play that we registered for. I am so excited! And check out these cool accessories for the bag! There's a matching pacifier holder, too.

(They are all on my registry, if anyone's interested. *wink wink!*)

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