Saturday, January 2, 2010

21 Weeks

I am now 21 weeks pregnant! This morning we had our BIG ultrasound, and guess what - Baby is still a girl!!! I know Mike was hoping for a miracle, but in reality, it's probably better that some little bits and pieces didn't suddenly grow in the last couple weeks. That would just be weird! I know you're all anxious to see, so here is our little girl!

I expressed to the tech my concerns about the lack of movement I've been (or NOT been!) feeling. She told me that was normal, and that usually it will begin around 21 weeks (which I am today, so hopefully SOON!) There's no reason to worry, as we were able to see that she definitely IS moving around a lot in there. I'm actually pretty surprised that I wasn't feeling any of her movement! When we first started, Baby was lying sideways, with her head on my right side. Shortly after, she shifted to a breech position. This is when the tech was able to get most of her measurements. After I took a quick pee break, Baby had shifted into the head down position. The tech told me not to worry about positioning at all yet, since I have until 35 weeks to start being concerned about a breech position.

The ultrasound was pretty cool. The tech measured everything, and it looks like we have nothing to worry about. Everything measured normal and there is nothing that raised any concerns. Baby's heartbeat was a strong 158. We were able to see my placenta, and it looks like I have an anterior placenta, which means it is at the front of my uterus. The tech said that this shouldn't affect anything, but from my research, this could be part of the reason why I'm not feeling much movement yet. The umbilical cord is connecting right at the center of the placenta, which is just as it should be.

Baby is now about the size of a banana. She's getting long! Her digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion, and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. We were able to get a good look at her stomach, and we saw her swallowing. Those are good signs that her digestive system is working, and that she is already preparing to suck and swallow and latch on once she is born. Baby's womb is now stocked up with her lifetime supply of six million eggs (the number will drop to around one million by birth). So crazy!

As for me, I am doing pretty well. I feel great, and I've never been happier. I have been experiencing some weird cramps and aches and pains, which always concerns me. I think most of them are pretty normal though. I THINK that I may have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions occasionally. They don't hurt, but there's just a weird tightening sensation in my lower abdomen. It's really weird! I try to just ignore it though, because I know that labor is going to be SOOO much more intense than these little sensations! This article about Pelvic Pressure describes exactly what I've been feeling.

I am seriously feeling huge now. When I look down, I see nothing but belly. I'm visibly pregnant from the side too, but I'm not as massive as I feel like I am. It's hard to believe that I'm still going to get WAY bigger than I already am! Sadly, my two favorite pairs of jeans happen to be the first pairs that I just can't wear anymore. I can't even zip them any more, and they just don't feel comfortable. I just bought a pair of maternity jeans today that are super comfortable, and fit UNDER the belly instead of having the ugly panel. I can't wait to wear them! Just since yesterday, I suddenly feel massive. I'm thinking that some of it is caused by eating to much though... :P On a bright note, I had to buy new bras again, and guess what - I'm a D!!! Mike and I both have never been so thrilled. I have a feeling that they will get bigger still - they are sore again, and my milk has yet to come in. This is one side effect of pregnancy that I am fully enjoying!
21 Weeks

My face really isn't any more pimply than it ever was, but my back and shoulders sure are. My shoulders are like a teenager's face. NOT cute. Thankfully it's cold outside, so my shirts all keep my shoulders nice and covered! Although I'm generally feeling pretty good, I do find that I am uncomfortable quite often. Between my little cramps and aches and just not being able to find a comfortable position, I probably complain a lot. I think Mike thinks it's worse than it really is, just because I comment on it now and then!

Now that I am in the second half of my pregnancy, here are my top "Things To Do":

1. Talk to Mike about and start interviewing doulas
2. Confirm my registration for our birthing class
3. Register for baby stuff!
4. Start buying things so I can start working on the nursery (I have my general ideas together for the nursery. The next step is to start drawing out the exact layout I want!)

That's all for now - I'll be back with more later. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year's. Here's to a great 2010!!!


Johanna said...

What a great US pic! And I love your belly shots. Can't wait until my belly starts growing.

Alanna said...

Thanks - I can't wait to see your belly shots! :)

Debbie said...

It's fun reading about how you are feeling during your pregnancy. (Such a cool idea!) It sounds like everything is going perfectly normal.

Kara said...

you are so informative! i love it! Wow - everything sounds great! I can't wait to see your belly!
xoxox (o - & the boob talk, hilarious!)