Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So excited...waiting for the mailman!

I love getting mail - like I said a few days's like Christmas whenever a package arrives!

Yesterday I made my first cloth diaper purchase. A week or so ago I heard that bumGenius DELUXE Bamboo FittedCloth Diapers were on sale at Cotton Babies. I had my eye on them, but I wasn't sure yet what I was going to do about diapering, and if I really needed to buy any for myself since I'd be borrowing some from friends. Yesterday I looked at the Cotton Babies site again, and the price had dropped from $7 something a dipe to only $6 something! I took this as a sign, and decided to use the Visa gift card my sister had given us for Christmas (for the baby!) I ended up getting 2 fitted diapers and a Thirsties Duo Cover along with a bath toy for under $25!!! I can't wait!

I've also ordered a few other things: for myself I ordered some black FLAT boots (no heels for this girl anymore!), and my Alice in Wonderland fabric is on it's way (I got some of it already...just waiting for the final piece!), and I just ordered some closet dividers, and a Moby Wrap from Baby Steals! I can hardly wait. :)

And I did convince Mike to start the baby registry with me the other night - WOW, is there a lot of stuff! I'm super excited about all the stuff we registered for. Now we just need to buy a crib!


CB said...

OMG! Baby stuff threw up on your blog! haha. j/k That's so cool that you are going the cloth diaper route. My BIL/SIL are going crazy registering too. I guess there's alot of things to consider for babies. I think they bought their cribs from Ikea if that helps. PS- I need to see a picture or link to those black flat boots. Please and thanks! *muah*

Alanna said...
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Alanna said...

LOL Sorry...I kind of have a one-track mind at this point. :) And stuff is just SO much fun!

The boots I got are nothing fancy, just comfy. Here's the link:

Sarah said...

YAY! I love getting packages in the mail. Have fun with all the new diapers!